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07 April 2013 @ 04:14 am
Making You Smile  
Title: Making You Smile
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild angst and language
Band: Vistlip
Pairing: Umi x Rui
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
Summary: Umi has a photo shoot with Kei of Baroque and Ruisu is thinking of making a surprise visit, much to his dismay.
Author Notes: Like my new layout guys ? I'm back baby and with a new fanfic. Things in my life have been rough but I'd like to get back to writing more. This is based around the recent Barks.jp shoot that Umi had with Kei. As always, enjoy ~ ! I'll try to get back to writing the Fool Who Fell For the Moon eventually.

Umi shifted sightly, switching the weight from his left foot to his right. Today he was having a photoshoot around Tokyo with Kei from Baroque. He was in a rather tense mood. He didn't know Kei all that well till they met up for the shoot. The guitarist made faces since they were doing his solo shots first before tackling his shots with Kei. Umi jumped slightly as his phone went off in his pocket. Blinking he retrieved it from his pocket and flipped it open. The message was from Rui who was letting Umi know he was headed over to the place of his and Kei's photoshoot. Slamming his phone shut, and shoving it back into his pock, Umi found himself making a face. The last thing he needed was the dumb bassist around here for his photoshoot. Not that he didn't want him here, but at the same time, he did, but he also didn't.
Umi huffed and crossed his arms across his chest, watching the photographer set up his equipment. Huffing again, he scrunched up his face and looked off down the road where Kei was standing, talking to the people from the Barks site that they were doing this shoot for. He snapped back to reality when the photographer told him he'd be ready in a few minutes. For Umi's sanity and sake, he prayed to whatever god there may be, that Rui wouldn't show up. The longer he stood against this concrete wall, the more irratated with life that he got. The only reason he didn't want Rui around was cause having a crush on someone who is dating your fellow band mate and friend, is just no good. He sighed and turned to the side slightly as the photographer began to snap photos. Usually this took a good hour or two.
He turned this way, and that way, keeping the same expression plastered to his face. After a half hour had gone by the photographer told him to take a ten minute break. Umi was used to working photoshoots straight through but he didnt argue either. He took the opportunity to take a smoking break. He leaned against the wall in silence and lit up his cigarette. While was taking a drag from it he noticed someone running towards him.
"Fuck -" he mumbled, choking slightly on smoke from his cigarette. Running towards him was the dumbass, bumbling ball of engery they liked to call their bassist, Ruisu. Didn't he pray to some damn god above for Rui not to show his pretty ass face here. Clearly that god had a cruel sense of humour. The bassist stopped just short of running into Umi. Taking another drag of his cigarette, the guitarist shot a glare at the other.
"Aren't you grumpy today?" Rui said gently, a slight smile on his face.
"Fuck off. I didn't ask you to come here." Umi retorted acidly. Rui raised his eyebrow slightly at the other.
"And yet here I am." he stated simply, shrugging slightly. Umi's glare worsened as he threw his cigarette on the ground and proceed to stomop on it. He then turned his back on the other and faced off the other direction. Umi heard Rui huff angerlily and shuffle off behind the photographer as he returned to continue the shoot. Umi shook his head slightly then turned away from Rui as the camera snapped again. The bassist was tapping his foot against the ground, still annoyed by Umi's grumpiness. Umi was trying to pose and look everywhere except at Rui.
After posing too much to the side, the photographer suggested some face on shots. The guitarist literally had to choke back the groan he wanted to let out. Rui had turned away from Umi now and was talking on his phone, laughing and smiling. From the laughter, Umi assumed he was talking to Tomo or Yuh. Umi looked downward slightly and found himself smiling easily. He heard a shutter and the camera snap the shot. Oh good. He smiled in a shot. Here was to hoping it wouldn't be the one used. Dumbass bassist for making him smile like that.
The photographer announced that he was going to get Kei now so they could do their couple shots. Rui took the chance to waltz back over Umi who was looking grumpy again.
"What!?" Rui said, blinking.
"You're an ass." Umi hissed, throwing Rui another glare. "You're not supposed to do shit that makes me smile."
"And why not? I like you. And I like you better when you smile." Umi blinked and strained to hear what Rui had said, seeing as he had mumbled it.
"Don't let Tomo hear you say that. He may cut my throat." the guitarist crossed his arms across his chest.
"Eh? Why would he? We're not dating and he has no reason to be." Umi blinked yet again.
"Oh. Well alright" he said, turning to walk over to where Kei was beckoning him.
"Umi!" Rui called after him. Umi turned to stare back at the bassist. "I really do like you better when you smile. I bet I can get more smiles out of you today." he challenged. Umi only smirked and let out a laugh.
"I'd like to see you try, you dumbass bassist." he replied, to which Rui laughed and chased after him.
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phyllisvanityphyllisvanity on February 9th, 2015 03:33 am (UTC)
Super kawaii !!! I like the rui and umi pairing