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22 May 2013 @ 05:31 am
I'm Not Saying A Word  
Title: I'm Not Saying A Word
Author: Cafekkokure
Rating: PG-13
Band: Vistlip
Pairing: Yuh x Umi, Tohya x Umi
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the story.
Summary: Speaking up when you like someone, is sometimes one of the hardest things to do.

Silence fell over the room. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of guitar strings being silently tuned. Everyone had left to gather behind stage for rehearsal. Everyone except for Yuh, who had stayed behind to tune his guitar over and over. Six years had gone by. Seven if one really wanted to be technical, but yes six years. Of these six years he spent four of them loving him. He didn't understand when or how, he only knew that it had occurred. It was their FBA tour tonight. The Final Live of the tour. He was nervous. Nervous for all the reasons in the world. To stand in front of a crowd again and do what he loved most in the world, to play songs with Vistlip. But also, to stand on the same stage as him, to play guitar back to back with him. It was something that for four years, he had never fully grasped. He wondered if he had ever noticed. The way the blush came over his face when they spoke to each other.

He wondered...

**** **** ****

A faint knock could be heard, ringing through the empty apartment. A man with blonde and black locks turned to face the door. He wondered who it could be, he hadn't been expecting anyone. Getting up from his place on his couch, he walked carefully over to the door, and pulled it open. Standing before him he found was a man with long black locks of hair and black rimmed glasses.

"Umi!" he wanted to jump backwards but thought better of it, considering he had just had surgery.

"Yuh." the other replied simply. Yuh stood blinking back at Umi for a long time before Umi coughed. "Can I come in?" he asked.

"Oh! I'm sorry of course!" he moved from the doorway and bowed as Umi walked past him into his apartment.

"Can you not bow to me like you're apologizing?" Umi stared at Yuh and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Oh right....I'm sorry." Yuh mumbled, as he shut the door quietly. He then turned his attention back to that of Umi who had made his way over to the couch. Yuh walked over and took a seat next to the other silently. It was several long moments before someone actually spoke.

"How are you feeling?" came Umi's voice. It was stern, like a concerned mothers, but yet soft and filled with a friends love.

"I'm doing alright. Getting better everyday." Yuh answered, smiling over at Umi, who he was surprised, returned the smile.

"Good, I can go back to the studio later and tell Tohya to calm himself down. He's worried about you." Umi heard Yuh laugh.

"I know he is. I'm surprised he hasn't come to lecture me yet." Yuh smiled more and looked out the window that led to his balcony.

"Where's Kokoro? Normally she comes to greet me at the door."

"She's sleeping right now. I believe she's curled up on my bed."

"I bet she missed you while you were in the hospital." Yuh smile again.

"She did. She missed me a lot. Thank you for taking care of here those few days I was gone Umi. I appreciate it."

"Of course. Say Yuh..." Umi started as he face Yuh more. "Do you have anything you want to tell me? Tomo said you had something you wanted to tell me a while back during our FBA tour." The other could feel his stomach drop. Dumb ass vocalist telling stupid things to Umi like that.

"Why would Tomo say things like that?" Yuh laughed and waved his hand about.

"Because Tomo is spot on about these things." came the stern reply. 'Dammit.' Yuh cursed in his mind. Tomo was spot on about stuff, and he hated it to hell and back. The last thing he need was the vocalist blabbing some sort of hint that he wanted him to confess his feelings to Umi. He'd done a good job to hide it for about four years. He'd like to keep hiding it if it were up to him. However, it appeared as though he would have to speak up due to the look that Umi was now shooting him.

"Alright. Alright. I like someone. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less." Yuh said rather flatly. Umi's eyes narrowed further. "What!?" Yuh jumped a little as Umi leaned in closer to him.

"You're lying." was the blunt reply he got. 'God dammit, Umi' Yuh cursed at himself again in the safety of his mind. This was getting out of hand. Especially the fact that Umi was leaning close to him, and practically glaring. For only being eight days older than himself, Umi could be frighteningly stern and scary looking sometimes. "It's more than nothing. It's a whole lot of something. I can tell by the face you're making at me Yuh." This time Yuh's face twisted into a glare.

"Listen here. It's nothing." Umi leaned back slowly and stood up, making his way to the door.

"Well fine, I see then. I'll see you again in a few days." Yuh's face fell as he saw the hurt in Umi's expression as he exited the apartment.

**** **** ****
"Yuh! It's good to see you back in the studio!" Yuh turned to smile at their bassist who was seated on a couch, grinning at the other happily.

"Thank you, Ruisu. It's good to be back" he laughed, while looking around. "Where's Umi and Tohya?" Yuh had expected Rui to answer, but instead it was Tomo who spoke up from his place on the chair across the room.

"They're out." there was hesitation in Tomo's voice and Yuh frowned a little. He could feel his chest tighten up again, except this time he knew he wasn't sick. Though he felt like he would be if the answer to the question he was about to ask was what he thought it would be.

"Out where?" he asked delicately.

"On a date. They'll be here later. They got together a couple days ago." it was Rui who answered this time. Yuh's stomach dropped and his chest tighten more.

"Oh...I see. Well they did always look cute together." Yuh laughed somewhat bitterly.

"You didn't tell Umi that day he was over did you?" Tomo asked sadly.

"No. You hinted that I liked him didn't you? I told you -" Rui stood up and cut across Yuh sternly.

"Umi liked you, you know. He's known you liked him for a while. And he figured it out without us telling him. He was hoping you'd tell him how you felt. But you didn't. So Tohya beat you to him." Rui frowned, and sighed. "Why didn't you just tell him?"

"Cause I told you. I wasn't saying a damn word." Yuh spun on his heels and stormed from the room and down the hallway. He tried to hold back the tears as he turned a corner and ran into Tohya and Umi. He didn't stand there long enough to receive questions, but continued on down the hallway. When he was sure he was far away from anyone he collapsed to his knees.

"I didn't say anything...I didn't open my mouth." he cried.

Ahh..I'm all alone.
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phyllisvanityphyllisvanity on February 9th, 2015 03:27 am (UTC)
Awe so sad love it